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Hello my name is Hamlet-Fang but you can call me Hamlet! This blog is all about my travels and the exciting things that happen to me when I come and stay at your house!

Hi all its me again! frown


Well it's nearly the Easter holidays! As you may know, I did retire, but my friend Woody had to go on a behaviour training course, and because I don't like to disappoint the lovely children of Uplands, Mrs Cripps asked me if I would just do a last couple of visits.


I have heard that Woody is doing extremely well at his training camp, and will be ready to go on sleepovers after the Easter holidays, so it looks like I may get to retire after all! He is going to stay with Mrs Webb over the Easter holidays... he's very lucky! I hope you are all as kind to him as you have been to me while I have been at Uplands.


I have really enjoyed visiting all your houses, and you have all treated me so well, I have been thoroughly spoilt! heart I will miss you all, and I am sure that Mrs Cripps will give you up dates about me and my now slower pace of life that I am really looking forward to!!


Have a lovely Easter everyone and I hope you get lots of chocolate (I hope I get lots of Hamster chocolate!) surprise


Lots of Love




Hi all

I'm currently still on my holidays.... I will be back shortly. But I have sent you a postcard!

Hi all...

Have a great time on my holiday. It's lovely a warm, and I am

eating very well! I miss seeing you all, so I will be home soon.


Wish you were here... Lots of love Hamlet-Fang heartheart

Erin wrote to Mrs Cripps about her weekend with Hamlet...


Dear Mrs Cripps


Hamlet has been good. We got him out to play every day and he enjoyed having a good look around.

I really like holding him, he is so soft and fluffy.

I cleaned out his cage so it was all nice for him. Can I have him again one day?


Love from Erin


I went to stay with Charlie & Lara for the weekend. I explored Charlie's bedroom it was a brilliant place to hide! Lara gave me lots of cuddles. I did sleep quite a lot, but I am getting older now, and I need more sleep but I had a great time at my sleep over with Charlie and Lara.

Hello all !   smiley


I've had a busy few weeks again! I have been to stay with lots of friends and have had lots of fun exploring their houses, and meeting their families.


I went to stay at Anya's house, she has a baby brother who is almost a cute as me crying. They let me out of my cage quite a lot and I had lots of hamster treats. Anya helped her mum clean out my cage... I do love a clean cage I think it must be like when you humans get into a lovely clean bed...It's lush!!


Over the half term I went to stay with Dylan, Theo and their little brother Joseph. I went out in my ball lots and the boys were great fun!

Half way through the holidays I went to Ben & Samuels house, it was like one of those holidays where you get to stay in two different hotels... I do love this all inclusive surprise I had lots of cuddles with the boys and we played Lego! I even sat and watched the TV with their mum.


And like all good holidays they come to an end, and I had to go back to school, but I know I have lots of adventures to come!




Hi it's me again! frown


Since being back at school I have been to lots of sleepovers! Firstly, I went to Jessie's house and she has 2 a hamsters called Jeff & April! I love it when I go to visit other hamsters, we run about in our balls and have fun! smiley


I have also been to Bobby's house, he has a baby brother called Sebastian. While I was staying with Bobby he learnt that I am nocturnal. This means that during the day I sleep, and I come out to play at night! I try not to make noise when its night time, but its not always easy.cheeky


I had such fun when I went to Georgia's house...she has a hamster maze! It looked like a little fort with holes in the wall for me to get through. Isobel, Georgia's sister played with us a well. Playing in the fort reminded me of the time when I made a break for freedom and spent the day in the wall in Year 1-2....oh the memories! cheeky


Last weekend I went to stay with Betsy & Harry. They have a very pretty hamster called Bella, I really liked her crying (yes, I am blushing). We played in our balls and ran around chasing each other. She is very pretty... I think I may have said that already crying.

Harry and Betsy gave me lots of cuddles and they put my cage next to Bella's. Bella and I shared some apple and Broccoli. heart



September 2017


Hi all.... It's been a while since I have let you know what I have been up to, to be honest I have been so busy I think I need another holiday!!


I spent the Summer holidays with my friends Eva and Ashton Cripps. They really do spoil me, and I do have lots of fun with them, I play Lego and everything!


Coming back to school after all that holiday was hard, and I'm only a hamster! The children all look like they had a good holiday and they look like they are learning lots when I am in their classrooms. I have been to Year 1-2 and I am currently spending time in Year 3-4.

Hello all...


Just wanted to say hi! I am still around, but with all this heat I'm trying to keep a low profile. I know you are all feeling the heat at the moment, but imagine what it's like for me wearing a fur coat all the time!


I have been to stay with Eloise recently and I had a great time there. I have just come back from Darcy and Tilly's house. They have a dog, who chased me around in my ball but he couldn't catch me! Zoom Zoom!!


Remember in this heat to wear a hat and put plenty of lotion on...



SATs tests...What are they?? 11.05.17


This week  I have been in Year 6 and they have been doing something called SATs. Well, being a hamster I had no idea what they were! I have been sat in my cage watching the children writing in special books and on special papers. I think they must be tests of some kind because I heard all the teachers saying how proud they were of the children and that they had all done the best they could. I was very glad that I didn't have to do the tests...I am sure I would not have been able to do as good a job as the Year 6 children and besides which...I can't read!! frown


It has been very quiet in Year 6 this week in the mornings and I have been able to have a good sleep. As you may or may not know, I am nocturnal and I need my beauty sleep during the day! surprise I am in Mr Wells class next week, and as the tests are now over, I don't think it's going to be as quiet as it has been this week.

Me and my buddies in Australia class out in the sunshine!

Me and my buddies in Australia class out in the sunshine! 1

5th May to 7th May

Oh wow what a weekend I had! I made some new friends which is always such a lovely thing to do. I went to stay with Ella and Olivia at their house and I even had my own special table. While I settled in and got used to my new surroundings I sat and watched something really strange happen, well strange for a hamster! I saw Ella having what they called a 'hair cut'. Well I sat and watched as someone took some funny looking pointy things that made a snipping noise and guess what... and they made Ella's hair fall on the floor! I thought to myself I think I may hide for a while as I need all of my hair to keep me warm so I went and hid and had a snooze.


In the evening I was allowed to come out for cuddles and I met my new best friend 'Seamus'. He is a very large dog who was so friendly, he even gave me a kiss! They put me I my ball and I had a blast chasing Seamus around the house we had such fun I really like my new friend.


After a good nights sleep I did something very new and exciting...I went outside on what they called a patio! Seamus and I ran around and I chased him again in my ball. All that fresh air made me so sleepy and thirsty so I had a drink and went for a snooze.

On Sunday Ella and Olivia cleaned out my cage so that I was all fresh and clean for a new school week. I had lots of cuddles while this was happening... I do love a good cuddle! Then I met my other new friend, Kai the rabbit. I had a run around with him on the patio ... I could go really fast in my ball! Kai lives in something they called a hutch it looked really comfortable so I thought I would go and have a look, but I couldn't get through the door in my ball!! I had special treats of beet drops and parsley drops and I had such a lovely time! I will miss my new friends Seamus and Kai but I am sure I will visit again 


Friday 28th April - Tuesday 2nd May

I went to say with Dylan and his brother Joseph at their house. They kept saying what a good boy I was I felt really proud because it's always nice to be told when you behave well. I had lots of cuddles and I really enjoyed staying at Dylan's house. They have said that I am welcome to stay at their house anytime!

Hello all... I am still on holiday but I will be back soon!

Wednesday 5th April

Freedom!! They let me out of my cage to play with the children! I think they must of thought that I try to escape on a regular basis so why not let me have a spell out of my cage.


Oh wow I had an absolute ball running around on the desks and looking at all the fabulous work that the children were doing, they really are very clever you know!! On their desks they have these pots, bright yellow they are and just the right size for me to hide in. I think they are meant to be for pencils and pens but they look made for hamsters to have fun in!


 Now you see me......Now you don't!

I have been thinking about other ways I could travel around the school as I seem to break the running balls on a regular basis and then I saw this picture and thought.... I'd love those wheels! What do you think? Just imagine me taking this for a spin around school.... what a blast!! Beep, Beep... Hamlet coming through!!

Monday 3rd April 2017

A little birdy told me that Hannah and Nathan had been on and on and on at Mrs Cripps for me to come and stay at their's so nice to be so wanted! They still wanted me to stay, even after they had heard about my 'Houdini' moment last week! To be honest after all my adventures last week I was looking forward to a nice peaceful weekend with lots of cuddles. smiley


Nathan and Hannah showed me around the house, and after a few cuddles I had a bit of a snooze, it's hard work being me you know! sad


When I woke up I was fully of energy! That's because I'd had a lovely nap. I was playing with Nathan and Hannah and then their mum gave me a cuddle. Thought I would have some fun with her so I ran up Mrs Blair's arm and across the back of her neck...I think it tickled her because she was laughing. She couldn't of minded too much because I got some lovely juicy grapes to munch on.


I may look very cute and cuddly but I can be naughty when I want to. devilI thought to myself I quite like it here and I'd love to have a better look around all by myself. I headed to what I thought was my secret my escape hatch and with my head pushed and pushed and pushed and pushed, but try as I might... I couldn't open it! I felt like the big bad wolf in the Three Little Pigs trying to blow the house down! Then I remembered that it wasn't a secret anymore and that last week Mrs Quinn taped my escape hatch down...what a spoil sport she is! cheeky


I had a lovely time with Hannah & Nathan and they have said I can visit any time I like. Do you know what .... I might just do that! no

Hamlet Fang's Big Day Out!!

Well just call me Steve 'Hamlet' McQueen!!! I am such a clever little devil... I found out how to get out of my cage surprise. On Tuesday I managed to get as far as the jumper dumper but my plan was foiled by one of the children who told the teacher I was in there.... I was just minding my own business, I wasn't doing any harm. I was returned back to my cage but I had a cunning plan and I would have to wait until dark to put my plan into action!


After all the children and teachers had gone home on Tuesday night I saw my chance to get out of my cage and go for a wander. I look out of my cage everyday and see so much fun going on I thought I would go and see what was out there! I had a good old look around the classroom and then I spotted it! I saw a small hole in the wall...and yes you guessed it... I climbed into it. It was dark and warm and very cosy so I slept in there.


The next morning I could see the teachers looking for me but I hid...I know it was naughty but I was having lots of fun watching them looking for me! After all the children had gone home I heard some voices in the classroom and thought they must still be looking for me. All of a sudden.... a huge orange thing appeared in my new doorway sad and I knew that smell straight away ... it was a very tasty carrot. Well having been 'on the run' for a while I was feeling very hungry and thirsty, so I took a bite! I didn't realise that Mrs Quinn was on the other end of the carrot!! By now I was feeling more and more hungry and thirsty and then they did the worst thing the could have done...they offered me chocolate! cool 

I couldn't resist, and that was my downfall. Out I came and Mrs Quinn scooped me up and put me back in my cage and Mr Frampton covered the hole so I couldn't get back in.


They have also found my escape hatch in my cage, so I guess I won't be going out exploring anymore. It was a great adventure, although I have to say I was very tired when I got home. I will still be allowed to go out in my ball which is great fun.

Monday 27th March 2017

On Friday Kieran Whitelam and his mum came to collect me to take me home. I am so lucky that I get to go to visit someone different every weekend it's like having an all inclusive holiday every week! smiley


When I go to people's houses sometimes they have pets of their own and it's nice to see other animals being so well looked afterno. I do find that as I am a hamster cats are not very friendly to me so I keep out of their way and the mums and dads keep me away from them as well....phew!!! sad  Kieran has a lovely puppy called Krypto, and I could tell by the way he was wagging his tail that he wanted to play with me, but as he was much bigger than me ...I think Kieran's mum thought it wouldn't be a good idea, but I think I made a new friend which is always a good thing! heart


I was spoilt again with lots of cuddles and I got my exercise this weekend by running around in my ball...and even though the clocks went forward I still managed to get lots of sleep...well, its a tiring busy life being this popular and cute surprise.


Monday 20th March 2017

This weekend I stayed with the Watson/Powell family and I slept in Alfie's room at night (my party time!) I was chewing on my bars to try and get out but I just kept Alfie up all night. In the morning Ruben and Alfie took me downstairs and I played in the lounge.


Alfie looked after me very well by making sure I had plenty of water and my special hamster food, they even gave me some nuts and banana so I showed them how I can store them in my cheeks!


Alfie and his mum looked on the internet and found out that my ancestors originate from Syria. I really enjoyed staying with Alfie, and I hope I have as much fun next week!

Monday 13th March

This weekend I have such big adventures that I am just too tired to be able to tell you about them so Harry and Sophie Ling are going to tell you all about it while I have a snooze! surprise


We were so excited to be bringing Hamlet Fang home this weekend. We put him in the hallway next to Darcy our own hamster (but not too close!) They were sniffing the air and watching each other.

Hamlet was then taken out of his cage and given so many cuddles from us all. Hamlet shared Darcy's exercise ball and went exploring and unlike our Darcy he didn't get out of it!


On Sunday night Hamlet had the time of his life!


Mum woke up about 5am to the sound of scrabbling. Dad thought she was imagining it. But no - when Mum put the light on, there was Hamlet sitting by the bedside table! He had climbed the stairs!

We put him back in his cage with a couple of grapes, and made sure he had a drink too. He ate some of the grape, had a wash and when straight to bed. We don't think he will be out much on Monday after his busy night!


What a lovely hamster - very friendly and tolerant of excited children. A great introduction to hamsters if you done have one! We hope he enjoyed exploring the Ling house as much as we enjoyed having him.


Whoops crying seems that I was a bit of a rascal this weekend! Mrs Quinn has marked my little sleeping box as my escape hatch and I think they will now warn people when I come to visit! I am really very friendly and all I want to do is play! cheeky


Wednesday 1st March

Hi everyone I'm back! smiley Wow what a fantastic holiday I had! So many cuddles and so spoilt! Ashton and Eva love me going to stay at their house.  I always have lots of fun and also lots of my favourite food which is kiwi fruit and monkey nuts!


I went a bit crazy in my ball over the holidays and I broke it...again. crying I must be a very strong hamster as I keep breaking them. I don't think there is a ball strong enough for me! cheeky I must hit the walls too hard angelI really love getting out of my cage and having a run around so I hope I get a new one soon.


I dressed up for World Book Day, I couldn't think of who I could of come as but in the end I came as 'Hammy the Hamster' from Tales of the Riverbank. Could you think of anyone else I could of come as? I saw all the children dressed up and they all looked brilliant it was such fun for me to watch from my cage.



 Ashton & Eva giving me lots of love and cuddles!


Monday 27th February

Hello everyone, I hope you all had a lovely half term! I have just dropped by to let you know that I am still on my holidays at the moment. I am staying with Mrs Cripps and her family. I will be back in school tomorrow and I look forward to seeing you all and telling you all about my adventures with Ashton and Eva Cripps!

Monday 13th February

This Weekend I went to stay at Jasmin's House.  Jasmin said that I was the best hamster in the world and that I was adorable she even drew a picture of me! I think Jasmin has very good taste surprise I had lots of cuddles and I took my new ball for a spin, and boy oh boy I can really go fast! Jasmin's mum said that she hopes that I don't leave it too long before I visit them again and they got me a treat to nibble on!

Next week I am going home with Mrs Cripps where Aston and Eva look after me while all the other children are on their holidays. I am bound to be spoilt again....ah this is the life!

Monday 6th February

This weekend I went to stay with the Beales, Georgia, Anna & Joe. They picked me up from school on Friday and it was pouring with rain but they did look after me and they were all very excited. Joe kept saying how cute I was and stayed with me lots, I guess I am quite cute really crying. They cleaned my cage out and gave me lots of cuddles and attention, they even got me some lovely posh bedding, how lucky am I! They watched me running around in my ball and they said I was welcome at their house anytime! I must have been a very well behaved hamster!smiley I have just had a new present of a huge running ball...  watch out for my pictures next week...I'm so excited and can't wait to give it a spin! no




Monday 30th January 2017

smileyWell what a lovely weekend I had at Jim's house! I was so spoilt! I had lots of cuddles and his brother and sister joined in as well! I was on my best behaviour and I heard Jim's mum say what and friendly, furry little hamster I am! smiley


I was showing off a bit while I was at Jim's house, showing them how much I could store in my cheeks.... I really made them bulge.

Jim's mum liked me so much she is thinking of getting a hamster of their own, I hope it's as friendly as me !crying


They bought me a lovely climbing toy which you can see in the picture and some chocolate drops, but I'm not allowed to have more that 5 a day! Don't forget to read all about me next week and I will be able to tell you all about my weekend and the Beale's house!



Monday 23rd January

Last weekend I went to stay at Daisy's house. Daisy is in Year R and I had lots of fun. Daisy gave me lots of apple to eat, I love eating fruit and vegetables as they are very good for me.

This week I was a bit naughty and I bit through my ball that I run around in! I escaped in Mrs Gravestock classroom but she soon caught me! They are going to buy me another ball but I think it will have to be a stronger one so that I can't escape again! surprise


The children have been told not to give me too many treats as I'm getting a little bit plump and I couldn't get through my tube!sad


This weekend I am going to stay at James' house, he is also in Year R, I think they really like me in that year group! When I come back I am going into Miss Dalingwater's class with Year 5-6. I went for a wander on Mrs Quinn's desk earlier today she didn't seem to mind at all!