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Hello everyone my name is Woody. You can read all about my adventures as I visit your homes at the weekends. I hope we are going to have lots of fun together!

Friday 20th April 2018


Hello everyone... smiley Well I am back from my training camp with the Medhurst family, and I have tried really hard to be a good hamster, and they said I did really well. I spent my Easter holidays with Mrs Webb and had a lovely time. no


Today I'm a bit nervous because I am going on a sleep over at one of the children's for the first time. I have a nice tidy and clean cage and I have washed behind my ears and fluffed myself up, so I hope I'm looking nice and smart! smiley


Hamlet has given me a few tips of how I should behave and he should know as I heard all the children really loved him visiting, I hope they love me just as much! heart He said you gets lots of treats if you behave yourself, so I am really going to try!