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Emotional Literacy pport Assistant = ELSA = Miss Woodley


Welcome to the ELSA page


Hi Everyone,


I hope this finds you well and happy. J


Well, what a very strange few weeks we have had! There has been lots of change for all of us and we have had to get used to new ways of doing things. I have heard from all of your teachers that you have been working really hard at home. We know that this is really tricky because home isn’t where you usually do school work, home is where you relax and wind down after a busy day at school. We are all really proud of you for trying really hard and adapting so well. Hopefully you have had time to chill and have been enjoying the sunshine in your garden.


Along with all the change I’m sure there have been lots of different feelings and emotions. Some of these are positive, some are new, and some are more tricky to understand than others. All of these feelings are okay however, and are completely normal in these very strange times. Talk to your adult at home who will help you to understand these or you could write me a letter or send me an email, I would love to hear from you. I have attached some work sheets you can print off and maybe work together with an adult on to help you work through these emotions. Don’t worry if you can’t print these, they will give you some ideas about things you can talk about with a grown up at home.

We miss you all lots and hope to see you all again really soon. For those of you that are starting to come back in YR and Y1, I have attached below what school looks like now. We have had to make changes to some things so we can keep you safe. Most things are still the same, anything that is different I have taken photos of for you to see before you come in.


For those of you that are not able to come back to us just yet I have had an idea which I hope you can all help with. I know there are some amazing artists out there and it would be great if you could share a little bit of yourselves with us by decorating a stone with a design which you feel represents you. That way, even though you are not here in person, you can leave something which will remind us of you.  


You can decorate it in any way you want - the brighter the better.


When you have decorated your stone, please varnish it to weather protect it. Please bring it to the school gates and place it on the grass or on the ledge under the bunting. I have put mine there so you can see where to put it.


We want you all here and it’s just not the same without you. We need you to keep being wonderful at home for just a little while longer so that you are safe.


Stay safe, stay happy

Miss Woodley






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