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Our English lessons at Uplands aim to ensure that all our children leave us as confident readers and writers, who have a love of reading and are able to write for a variety of purposes with an awareness of the relevant audience. We follow the National Curriculum for English and we use a range of high quality texts to interest and engage the children while teaching them a variety of writing styles for different purposes. This includes using a range of written fiction and non-fiction texts, film clips and activities such as role-play, drama and debates, to explore the texts.
Phonics is taught using a systematic approach to the learning of letter sounds. This begins in the Reception Year and continues into Key Stage One. Reading is taught daily though guided reading lessons that not only help the children to understand the texts but also how good writers create interesting and engaging writing. We follow a handwriting scheme which encourages the children to present their work consistently using a fluent, legible, cursive (joined) style. Spelling is taught at least three times per week from Year 2 and focuses on spelling rules and patterns. Throughout all the activities mentioned above, the children work either with an adult, group, or independently to extend their learning.


Parents are encouraged to support their child’s learning by hearing them read regularly, practicing the learning of year group spelling lists and by offering opportunities for ‘real life’ reading and writing experiences such as postcards, letter writing to relatives, reading leaflets and newspapers. Further details of how you can support your child further can be requested from the class teacher.