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Personal Development Learning

Personal Development Learning

The personal development of our pupils, indeed everyone, is crucial to our vision at Uplands. It aims to help children deal with real life issues which they face as they grow up and are central to their wellbeing: nutrition, physical activity; drugs, alcohol and tobacco; sex and relationships; emotional wellbeing; safety; work related learning; and personal finance are all elements to our learning.


PDL is an integral part of many aspects to school life, but there is a planned PDL curriculum programme too. This allows children to discuss matters of personal concern, manage their feelings, build relationships and social skills with adults and peers and have a sense of belonging and making their own positive contribution to a community


Implicit in our PDL is a strong foundation of RR: Rights and Respects. Children learn skills of self-awareness, collaboration, reasoning, discussion, critical thinking and decision making; they actively use these to help themselves and others and for the benefit of all the communities to which the children belong. Pupils learn to stay healthy and safe, take responsibility for their own actions and respect democracy, justice, law and human rights.


Our School Council is just one way that all children can make suggestions and have input into our learning community. Pupil voice matters to us all at Uplands. Our aim is for children to be motivated, to empathise and to enjoy and be actively engaged in their learning.


An essential part of Uplands PDL curriculum is the Hampshire Healthy Schools Strategy. We successfully renewed our Healthy School Award in 2015. We continue to have a whole school approach to health and wellbeing and believe this is key to successful learning in our school.


Our curriculum is taught through many resources and enriched by guests. Visitors are invited to bring a wider community here to Uplands and we also use our assembly time to address emotional, cultural, spiritual and moral issues. Citizenship is embedded and celebrated throughout the school, culminating in a specific Uplands citizenship award in Year 6.


Sex and Relationship Education (SRE) is taught as an integral part of both the Science and PDL curriculum from the age of 4 years. It is a progressive programme that takes into account the needs, maturity and ability of each age group. Questions asked during the course of our learning will be answered truthfully and in a sensitive manner. Parents have the right to withdraw their children from sessions by applying to the head teacher in writing. Any specific sex and relationship education begins in Year 4 and parents are notified well in advance of content resources being used. The school retains the right to insist that children are present for all or part of the sessions that are covering the National Curriculum science i.e. up to and including Year 3. Where parents do choose to withdraw they must ensure their child receives their entitlement to SRE through alternative means.



Uplands Sex and Relationships education policy