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Primary Foreign Language

Primary Foreign Language

At Uplands, we strive to give children the chance to enjoy and succeed in speaking French, and to leave us with the confidence that they can learn a new, foreign language. Children at Uplands have the opportunity to learn to read, speak and begin to write a foreign language (French), as well as develop an intercultural understanding of another country. Activities at Uplands are stimulating, engaging and challenging. The teaching and learning of Primary Foreign Languages is relevant and meaningful for our children and incorporates some child-led learning. Language will be used naturally and reinforced in everyday contexts so that children are able to develop their abilities subconsciously. Intercultural understanding is at the heart of our PFL teaching and as a result, we aim to encourage children who are knowledgeable and accepting of other cultures. We want our children to be able to make connections between their own local experiences and those of others internationally.

Currently, languages are only statutory for children in KS2, however we believe that children of a younger age naturally have the skills of language acquisition and enjoy the excitement of learning a new language. Therefore, we take the opportunity where appropriate in KS1 to teach some simple French, such as greetings, numbers and colours.

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