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Uplands Primary School Prospectus

Welcome to our school prospectus. We hope that the information in this booklet will help you to get a feel for our school and, where applicable, help with the successful induction of your child into our friendly school community. The details in it will act as an aide-memoire over the coming year for current procedures. An electronic copy can be found on the website at


Developing successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens for now and the future is Uplands’ challenge. We want children to enjoy and achieve now, so they feel good about themselves and have a thirst for learning more, whilst also preparing them for quick thinking, problem solving and positive personal interaction in the wider world of rapid change, advanced technology and jobs that have likely not yet been invented!


Uplands has a great reputation built upon many years of commitment and expertise. Like all successful schools we aim to listen to our children, parents, staff and visitors and we welcome your suggestions and feedback. We have an open door policy and parents are always welcome in school. Our partnership with parents is valued and essential when encouraging the children to attain high standards of effort, achievement and behaviour. We believe it is vital that together we develop the whole child, allowing them to feel good about their efforts and celebrating their achievements in or out of school.


We have a high quality learning environment which we look after carefully. The grounds provide super opportunities for creative play, outdoor learning, sport and community gatherings. The building is flexible, purposeful and provides a stimulating environment to maximise all opportunities. Whilst our facilities are very good, the real strength of the school lies within the people who work and play here. We pride ourselves as being a positive place where people, young and old, really matter.

School Prospectus 2021