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Home Learning

We believe that home learning can be beneficial to your child for a variety of reasons because it provides opportunities to:


  • Consolidate and reinforce skills and understanding learnt in school

  • Extend school learning, for example through additional reading

  • Use out of school resources (e.g. books and Information Technology) found in the home or other places such as libraries

  • Foster the partnership between the school and parents in achieving the aims of

    our school for the benefit of the child

  • Develop the confidence and self-discipline the child needs to study on their own.

  • Prepare children for expectations at secondary school and beyond.

  • Enable pupils to study a topic in more depth



We recognise that pupils benefit from outside activities and that these are valuable learning experiences and equally important in developing and enriching their lives. We do not expect them to work all the time! Should you find that you need support with any of the home learning tasks or have any questions then please speak to your child’s Class teacher in the first instance.


Remote Learning Update November 2021